Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Cracked It?

The chick thinks she's got the hang of this! 12 Years of getting up, grabbing the camera, finding a shot and blipping it. She's never missed a day since she began in 2009.

During this time the chick has been clicking away, getting to know the lives of a lot of folks and meeting quite a lot in person. A totally inspirational experience. Since those early days she enjoyed the experimentation with photography and editing and, in turn helped a lot of people get off Auto. All thanks to Blipfoto.

Does anybody remember Blip Does Edinburgh on March 9th, 2012 when we crowded into Joe's office, visited the museum, went to an exhibition by Etherghost then haunted many of the bars for the rest of the evening? (Apologies to those who can't access the Facebook memories.)

Lots of great stories captured by all of us in our journals, and sad ones, too. Through everything we support each other. Clicky wasn't too keen on being featured on the blip today, but she was reassured that we're all having bad-hair days and none of us have see a hairdresser or barber for months.

So here's a dozen days when the chick got a lovely red balloon. She enjoyed looking back and finding the celebratory images of each year completed.

Thank you all for stopping by, it means a lot. x

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