Desperately seeking

By clickychick

13 Years!

13 Years! Goodness! What can I say other than Thank You! YES, YOU!

You, who has stopped by and is bothering to read this.
You, who comments on so many of my blips. 
You, who inspires me.
You, who works behind the scenes, making Blipfoto possible.
You, who started following me in my first months.
You, who started following me in this last month.
You, who gives me stars.
You, who gives me hearts.
You, who blipped a poem about me. I wish I could find it again.
You, who asks me questions.
You, who forgives me for not commenting much.
You, who lets me read their life story a day at a time.
You, who meets me when you stay in the Lakes District.
You, who makes Cumbrian blipmeets such fun.
You, who puts me right when I go wrong.
You, who encourages me when I'm flagging.
You, whom I hope to meet one day.

Have I missed anybody out?

So it's YOU that has kept me blipping every single day since my first blip all those years ago. Thank you.

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