Arnside and beyond

By gladders

On top of the world

A quick blip tonight as it's been a long and busy day. Here is Gus on his second ascent of the Knott today, backlit against woods and the Bay.

I shall add some more text to this tomorrow. For now, thanks for all the comments, stars, hearts and advice on humane catching of pesky mice. I shall catch up later.

Update: in the morning, I fulfilled my usual support role for Wifie's Qi Gong workshop which went very well, and left me feeling both more energetic and relaxed for the rest of the day.  We had a good lunch with some of Wifie's pals a Yew Tree Barn. Back at home after the Gus walk to the top of the Knott when this was photographed, we spent the rest of the afternoon clearing ivy for our wall. The window of time for doing this is narrow and critical - before the bird breeding season starts, and after the ivy berries have mostly been taken by the blackbirds and wood pigeons.  It did reveal a fair amount of loosening of the mortar in the wall through the ivy seeking out gaps - so it will need some careful repair later in the year.

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