By Adda

the night trek

it was trekking time again. This time target was Kalsubai - the highest peak of one of the western states of India. It was not that challenging and we started climbing very late in the afternoon. It was quite dark by the time we were half way up when suddenly a hailstorm started. It didn't last for long but was enough to drench us. We decided to stay put in an abandoned hut, a little below the actual peak. The roof was not covered completely. Almost 30 of us (and a stray dog) took shelter in it, trying to beat the rain. But the roof of the hut was open at many places, letting all the water in, drenching us and our backpacks even more. Luckily, someone was carrying a big plastic sheet. Four of us climbed the roof and covered up the gaps. Few managed to sleep and the rest were just waiting for dawn, when we could start the descent. A few of us went up the peak. It was nice to be on the top of the world (though it was just the top of the state).

With summers on, number of treks will go down rapidly. Only a few night treks might be on cards. Eagerly waiting for the rains to arrive so that we can get back on some monsoon trek - last year, it was an awesome experience. Time to repeat it.

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