Room With A View

Went to have lunch today with my friend Jac (Josh’s Mum) who was housesitting and babysitting a dog for a friend.  It is a 1.5million dollar house and absolutely beautiful, we had lunch in the dining room and this is the view of the lap pool from there which if it had been warmer we would definitely have taken a dip! :o)

The little dog of the house was Tito (in extra’s on Jac’s lap) and she also had her own lovely dog Fergus there too (in extra’s with Tito). Fergus had taken over all of Tito’s toys and his favourite tease was squeezing and squeaking a soft toy rat which he did in front of Tito all afternoon! :o)

I haven’t seen my friend for quite a while as she has been doing a lot of travelling, twice to Japan and once to England so there was lots of catching up to do!  ;o)

Toto gave me about ten minutes of sniffing when I got home as I had been fraternising with the ‘enemy’ lol ;o). So we jumped in the car and went to the river for a long walk, he was happy with that!  In extras is a peek at the lovely cones on the top of a poor misshapen Norfolk pine down there.  Really wished I could have gotten closer to them (wrong lens) because they are fascinating things!

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