By DonnaWanna

Silly Saturday - The Muse and his Shadow

I was admiring G’s tomato plants this afternoon and taking a few shots (see extras) and the Muse was rubbing my legs with glee! :o). A few minutes later i looked down and saw this amazing silly shadow, it was one of those right place/right time kind of things ;o)

Had a wonderful day with J. He has long wanted a FitBit watch and today was the day that we decided we would get it and he was so excited and could hardly believe that it was happening. We set it all up for him and then we kept ringing him so that his watch would buzz lol ; )

When i came out to the rooftop garden this morning i was a bit shocked to see that every flower that bloomed last night had been totally eaten!! Toto was right! There is a creature living up here, see extras for the evidence!!

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