By AH14

Old Harry Seen From Sandbanks

A full on day today, so I've not had much time to process images, so it's a bit of potluck for my three journals today!

This morning I went to the funeral of a lovely lady from church. It was a beautiful service, even a joyous service, as she herself was ready to go and meet her Lord and Saviour - totally confident life the other side of death was something to look forward to!

This afternoon, I viewed a flat that may be of interest to Mum. Or not. It was interesting to see what's available. By this time, I wasn't too far from the harbour, so a detour was in order to get my daily dose of fresh air and camera time. It was very windy and cold but beautifully sunny - wonderful! The sand had been blown into rather attractive ripples on the prom, so I've added an extra.

This evening has been camera club - an AV evening. Not something I do myself but it was fun to see other people's presentations. 

And now I must soon head to bed, as I need to get up fairly sharp, so that I can drive to Mum's to be with her for an appointment in the afternoon. I could never complain that my life is empty! :)

Kite Surfer in my b&w journal

and Bottoms Up in 'My Third' journal

Thanks very much for everything for yesterday!

Ann :))

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