By USAHIhifriends

Daredevils on the right

Couldn't believe my eyes when I got to Sandy's this morning - 2 daredevils were surfing far to the right on big, curling waves over submerged rockshelves.   This area has been spawning my latest curled waves shots.  Their rides were short, but thrilling!

The ocean was generally flat, except when a wave would rear up.   Used  my main shot to give you a sense of this.   The back rock ledge usually has fishermen on it.  The low rock ledge in front of it leads up to the blowhole.   The spray further in between the two leads to Eternity Beach.

Extras  -   but, of course   -
1.   Turquoise curl
2.   Lost his board, but maintained his composure
3.   They let this one pass
4.   Stick fish !  (Probably not visible on small screen)

Chased from the beach by rain, watched it come, and it's been mostly raining ever since.   However, early afternoon, sun came out and stayed (so far).   Hung the sheet back outside to dry  . . .

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