By USAHIhifriends

Inner workings of the dark hole

Lots of energy at the beach today.   The wind was up (close to 30 mph with higher gusts).  The wave direction had shifted a little more south-easterly bringing fabulous cresting waves smacking onto the rocks below the blowhole.   The sand cliff to my left seemed a little higher and slightly more defined, and was seeing some runup topping it, but nothing really spectacular.  OK, I did get wet feet, even tho I backed up, on one runup that was on its way to the lifeguard tower.   Generally, the steepness of the 'clifted' beach slowed the waves' reach.

Extras  -
1.   Just a glimpse
2.   He'd already committed and got surprised with backwash
3.   Freefall

March is making a great start.

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