It seems a long time ago since I stopped at Dartmeet but looking back it seems I blipped it last June.  Of course there's a lot of water coming down with all the recent rain. I got down low on the bank and dropped the ISO and narrowed the aperture to extend the exposure just a little. 

Today's sunshine has brought out the detail in the rocks and lit up lichen on the branches and the moss on the rocks. The silver birch on the bank is looking good too.

Dartmeet is where the East and West Dart rivers join up on the other side of the modern (1792) bridge. The old clapper bridge is probably medieval in origin and the middle span. It was washed away in 1826 but re-erected in 1888. Since then it's suffered more and we now have just the two spans but they are quite photogenic. I hope you can open it up fully to see the detail.

I was having a bit of a joke with you all yesterday. Most of my long standing followers will know of Lady Marian, my better half, and I was referencing her with my pretence of puzzlement.

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