Still Rockin'

By RockArea

The Nature of Farming

It's a shame we didn't get the same sort of day as yesterday but at least it didn't rain all day here. I had to wait in this morning anyway as the currency for my Icelandic trip was being delivered. My new photo backpack arrived too so I must be just about ready.

After the rain stopped the skies were looking great. I passed this leaning tree and decided it would make a good foreground feature. Looking in the direction the camera is facing, it's pretty much farming land as far as you can see. That's Hay Tor in the centre of the skyline and that's about ten miles away. I don't suppose it's changed much over the last few hundred years. I expect farms have got bigger but the nature of the fields probably hasn't changed much in this part of the world, fewer hedges no doubt and less woodland and a reduction in the number of species of creatures to be seen. Farming has become more intense with more machinery and less people involved but still, I don't suppose this view is very different from a couple of hundred years ago.

It's wide angle Wednesday, hosted this week by steveng, and the theme this week is Nature, hence my waffle on farming practice since the middle ages. A subject I haven't studied.

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