By KatesGardenPDX

An Afternoon in the Park

My co-grandmother and I took our little grandson over to a fabulous park in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland today. Portland parks are generally pretty spectacular - and often quite old, and this one is no exception. Acquired in 1909 it is filled with stately Douglas Firs and many beautiful old camellias, magnolias and other plantings. It runs along the Willamette River - the river bisects the east and west side of the City of Portland. Here's a map, if you're curious Sellwood Park. I couldn't find photos to do it justice - the website is terrible :-)

It has a lot of amenities, but we were there for the kid's playground. They have two - one for big kids and the other for little kids. We played on the jungle gym - one of the extras is of my grandson playing in the tunnel between the little kid's slide and a climbing structure. We did the swings and the see saw, ran around the park and looked at the flowers. 

The main blip is of a stunning camellia, and the collage extra is of two camellias, an early rhododendron and I think an azalea.  It was a lovely afternoon on all counts!

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