There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Angel of the Morning

My morning travels took me to campus and downtown, and as I passed through the HUB, I stopped for just a few minutes to admire and enjoy the aquatic life. There are two aquariums in the corner on the ground floor - a gift of the class of 1999 - and they are loaded with colorful fish.

This rather large fish was in the second aquarium closer to the door. It swam all around and its colors were almost iridescent. Mostly it seemed to be wearing shades of blue and yellow, but it also appeared purple or orange at times. I admit it was hypnotizing and soothing to watch.

A friend informed me later that this marvelous specimen is a queen angelfish, and that sounds like a good name indeed for such a snazzy fish. So here is a song for an angel: Juice Newton, with Angel of the Morning.

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