Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo

BeatNick? Nice...

Canal run.
Off to my favourite DIY shop and my new favourite sandwich shop. Then off to the Louvre. I had taken the precaution of booking online to avoid the queues. But there were no queues, because the staff were on Coronavirus Strike. I raised a fist in solidarity and went for a Seine walk instead. When my legs were tired, I metroed it back the 19th and bought Pizza for when H returned. After Pizza and an Alsatian beer, we hit La Gare - a jazz club. Very cool venue and they had exotic imported beer - Proper Job from Cornwall. It would have been rude to say no. But these luxuries come at an eye-watering price!

The band was Rick Margitza. A saxophonist who played with Miles Davies. This fact was made much of.

The band didnt start at the advertised 9:00 - waiting until the place was full enough. And then a long wait while the promoter (an unfeasibly tall man with, I was assured, a strong African accent) made a long speech about the sanctity of music.

The band were really good. Smooth and tight. And lots of other muso terms. They were playing until 1:00 but we left at the interval after depositing what we could afford into the promotor’s grandmother’s handbag. 20 Euro.
Great gig.

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