The Littleton's Prepare

Dear Diary,

Laura Littleton is pointing out to Lester that the Black Elderberry is a super concentrated extract and explaining the wonderful anti-viral properties of this plant.  Letty Littleton is just enjoying the view from the top.  This is the latest weapon in my Corvid19 preparation kit which mostly consists of scrupulous and constant handwashing and carrying disinfectant wipes for trolley handles and the like.  Black Elderberry has been used for centuries for cold and flu symptoms and my grandmother always made a really delicious jelly from the little purple berries.  My grandfather was a firm believer in preventative measures and natural preparations.  He was "organic" before it became popular.  I'm sure they are smiling down now and approving of my natural immune booster.  My grandmother nursed through the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1919.  She knew a thing or two about staying well!

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