Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At home: Small and mighty leads the way x

We had another three inches of snow last night. The children think this is great, because in theory it means more time on sledges and less time at school. Alas, the roads were clear and they spent at least half the day in the class room.

The skies closed in and the temperature dropped again. We did spend a short spell on the slopes, but the biting wind is proving even too much for them. Down in the shelter of the copse in the fields, we followed deer tracks for a short while. A whole herd had crossed over an icy puddle. It made us laugh to see the skid marks their hooves had made across it. They must have crossed into the horses field as well. I wonder what the horses make of that. Perhaps deer and horses actually mix quite well.

Milo the smallest of the horses seemed to be leading the group to the haylage this evening. This is unusual. He is a pony that is too small to fight for any dominance in the herd. Yet I have caught him taking a swift nip of the knee caps of the other horses. He clearly had some authority, even if he has to take unconventional measures to get it!

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