Sally Mair - Loving life

By Sallymair

I'm back!

Sunrise somewhere over the Gulf this morning. I woke at take off plus 4 of a five and a half hour flight to Doha and looked out of the window to see this. I'm not sure where I was and the map doesn't really help but I think it's one of the islands around Dubai.
These shots don't usually come out so well so I'm pleased with this one.
A long day travelling and my brain is not very connected but all went smoothly, I didn't manage to wear the face mask I had bought, it was too much before I'd had it on for even 5 minutes, very hot and unpleasant. I did wash my hands lots and also sprayed my hands (and the door handles in the loo) with the complimentary perfume spray, as I reckoned the alcohol would help kill off any bugs. Both flights were full.
One extra shot is of the screen on the inflight TV, its a shot from the tail camera coming in over the Forth just before turning up the Almond at Cramond. I do love flying into Edinburgh.
The other is of the airport at Trivandrum, the first few times we went there it was very basic you walked in from the plane up a damp into the airport and there were tractors around moving the planes. All very basic, you had to identify your luggage after security to ensure it was put onto the plane. Changed days, this shot was from upstairs waiting to go to the gate.
Colin met me at Turnhouse - is it still called that? And I was home by 1.30, 12 and a half hours on the clock after I had left my hotel in India and after 18 hours of actual travelling. We are so lucky to be able to travel so far and so quickly and in such relative comfort, I still think I'd rather like the instant travel of science fiction mind you!
The washing is done and I'm off for an early night.

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