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Catching up

I'd considered taking it easy today - long lie, pottering around - but it didn't happen. For a start, I seem to have lost the knack of sleeping late, and the lighter mornings don't help. And then I read a post online about panic buying and the thought of my empty larder spurred me on, and the holiday tickets had arrived while I was away and created the reality even if it might still be threatened - and I was out, shopping, cursing the slow-moving couples taking up whole aisles. And there has been panic buying: there was no sanitiser, no liquid soap, no full welly oat milk of my favoured brand ... well, maybe not the oat milk. That'd just be a failure of the ordering system. But as for the rest - what did people do before there was a virus to worry about? Dirty beasts ...

And then we had a lovely walk - 8k or so, with no rain and no real wind and a hint of pale sunshine reflecting off the water between us and Bute. The snowy Arran hills were dramatic under swathes of cloud and the birds sang their little heads off and I didn't need to take my waterproof for the first time in ages. And I was going to blip the photo* I took there, until I looked out of the window after we got home and saw these pink clouds and the last sun on the snowy hills to the north and ... well, the pink clouds won out.

And now I'm so tired I can hardly think. I've just checked my Fitbit and realised I've accomplished all my goals for today, which is a crazy thing to have done on a day off. To bed ...

*I give in. It's the extra.

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