There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

PA Woods and Waters, Early Spring Edition

Last weekend, I received an automated warning from our internal Penn State time tracking systems that I am at my limit for accrued vacation time. In fact, it turns out - upon further investigation - that I am beyond it. Sadly, I have actually LOST some hours already.

This is a first for me, in my entire Penn State career. And so, to keep from losing more time, I decided to make it a priority to schedule several vacation days. So it was that on Thursday, we seized the day, and took off for the woods and waters of central PA.

It was overall a glorious day in early spring. There has not been much snow here this winter, and there is none on the ground right now. The woods looked freshly washed and pressed, with running water and mud on the trail. So if you go, be sure to wear your waterproof boots!

I'm including two scenes from Cherry Run, which is not far from Lamar. The above photo shows the "woods" portion of our program - the lovely trees on the inviting, red-blazed trail where we hiked. In the extras is a "waters" shot: the rhododendron-lined creek we sometimes wade in (but not on this day). Things are looking great in the wilderness!

Here's a song for my visit to this wild place: Cat Stevens, with Wild World.

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