Out and About

By Puffin

Windermere Jetty

Spent the afternoon in the newly re-opened Windermere Jetty Museum of Boats learning about water speed record attempts on Windermere and viewing the variety of old Windermere boats that have been rescued and preserved. Felt I had to support the cafe given that profits support the museum. Its 90 years since Sir Harry Segrave beat the records in 1930 on Winderemere but died from  his injuries after crashing on his third run.  In the UK the Campbells on Coniston Water are more well known I think;  Donald beating the record in 1939 and his son Malcolm died in 1967 at a speed of 318 mph.  Quite a lot faster than poor Harry Segrave,  whose record in 1930 was 98.8pmh. The current world water speed record of 317 mph is held by an American and has stood since 1978 . Not on Windermere, I hasten to add. Attempts since, to beat it have resulted in fatalities. 
Oh, and the Borrowdale teabread was excellent.

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