By Ronniebofa

Aldi’s and Sainsbury’s Yellow and red labels

Some great red label items at Aldi (mostly 30% off) and yellow label items at Sainsbury’s ( mostly 50% off) today. Great Much more protein than usual: chicken, leg of pork, lamb mince, sausages, 3 different cheeses and 2 lots of cooked ham. On other hand less reduced fruit and veg on offer. Looks like diet will be more Ketogenic than usual next week.

Today’s haul f was the basis of tonight’s “main” evening meal which was “greener” (colour wise) than usual but was delicious as was the fresh fruit sweet topped with oat bran and full cream Greek yogurt.
Why do more supermarket chains offer discounts of this magnitude to help reduce the amount of good food at or near its sell by date being sent to landfill?

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