By hazelh

Dragon costume at the Purim party

We're hosting quite a few visitors/dinners over the next couple of weeks, and Mr hazelh and I are also making our trip to the Yorkshire Dales in the middle of all this socialising, so this morning I put some serious thought into how we are going to manage all the catering for these commitments. This involved counting Tupperware boxes and checking freezer space, as well as making a long list for LIDL and Tesco. This afternoon Mr hazelh and I completed the shopping, then I made a start on the cooking by making a couple of batches of soup (one with chicken stock, and one vegetarian). I'll continue with the cooking tomorrow.

The main event of the day, however, was Rachel's Purim party. Rachel put enormous effort into her crocheted dragon costume (blipped), and all the homemade food that she served us. Katherine (another of our PhD students) also created a fabulous costume: she came as Orion, complete with a nebula (see the first extra). I dressed up1960s-style. I only just managed to squeeze into my mother's black velvet chiffon-sleeved mini-dress. I don't remember it being such a strain the last time I wore it at the beatnik party six years ago! My second extra shows me at my glamorous best with Katherine and Rachel. Do check out Rachel's fancy dragon feet in the shot of the three of us.

Exercise today: sit-ups, weights and stretches; 1 hour on the exercise bike; walking (11,149 steps).

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