Psychedelic Pussy

When I went on a spending spree at the charity shop in Manningtree Essex I said I would show you the things I had bought.
and this is one of my treasures I had bought on the day.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well I had too!  eh! 
But Saturday I moved some stuff about in my bedroom I was looking for a sock one of my alpaca ones ;-(  still not found it moved my bed most things,
In the evening Ralph decided to come and stay a while eat food have his ears cleaned nostrils guey eyes I think it is an old boy thing, so I had my music on and dancing around while cooking my dinner so I picked up Ralph and danced with him in my arms hanging over my shoulder.
~~~~~~ Well the look Blk Jac was giving us was comical.he got his own back~~~~~~ I had moved the red chair to outside the bathroom instead of up by my front door well change is as good as a rest they ended and put Ralph back on the floor so I could put my potatoes on~~~~~~~~~ When WHOOSH!!!! Blk Jac spead down the passage and jumped on the red chair and sunk all of his claws into it back and front he really meant it,See extras lol
I did pick up Blk jac and danced with him and he is quite happy just so long as he is on me somewhere cats eh!. he slept inside my bed and stayed there all night, must be his green eyes.

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