The Very Picture of Misery

Dexter has his own room. He has ever since he arrived. His important stuff - food and water bowls, litter box, cat carriers, scratching posts, toys - is all there. There is a table by the window that is usually covered by a blanket that he sits on and lies on ALL the time. There is a lovely chair for sleeping on, and countless other little feline niceties.

HOWEVER, once in a great while, I have to tear the room apart and clean it from top to bottom. And that time had come. So in the morning, I tore the room apart, washed the two big blankets that cover the floor, and shook and whacked and aired everything else out on the clothes line. I removed most of the stuff from the room so I could do some dusting and vacuum the floor.

Dexter, of course, HATES this. He hates when all of the stuff comes out. He hates the vacuum. Basically, he hates ALL of it. My husband informed me that the cat led him - TWICE - into the empty room, stood in the middle, and just howled and caterwauled in absolute misery. PUT IT BACK! PUT IT BACK!

So here is a cat who is the very picture of misery. He is sitting on his (bare - no blankie!) table in the window with his head hung low, hating every minute of this bizarre new breed of feline torture. Perhaps he is even plotting his revenge!

But shortly after this photo was taken, he went down for a nap. And while he was sleeping, the cat room fairies came, and they cleaned everything up and aired it all out and freshened it all up. Even better, then they put it all back!

And by the time it was done, it was BETTER than it had been before. It looks better and smells better and it even has two new soft blankies arranged with toys on them in the sun: new kitty play areas! Hooray! Hooray! It was well worth waiting for!

So we are glad it is done, and we thank the cat room fairies for their assistance in making things better. It was touch and go there for a while, though! Here's a song to go with the misery in this photo: Merle Haggard, with Misery and Gin.

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