Arnside and beyond

By gladders

The avocets return

The avocets are back on the coastal pools of Leighton Moss, 29 were counted yesterday. I didn't see that many, but they were very mobile and I wasn't there for long.  It's always uplifting and a joy to see my first birds of the season, for me they are the harbingers of Spring and the long-awaited return of our migrant breeding birds. Small numbers were reported towards the end of February, but then the pools filled with the high tides and rain and almost everything disappeared with the islands and mud under water.

It was totally different today, there were huge numbers of redshanks, some of which were showing territorial aggression, and the raucous calls of the blackhead gulls filled the air as they are settling onto the islands ready for the breeding season. Let's hope that there is no more coastal flooding.

A good end to the day was fish and chips from the Arnside Chippy.

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