Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Kent estuary sunset

The day began with a damp walk with Gus over the Knott in low visibility and buffeted by wind, it looked none too promising for the rest of the day.  It was still cloudy as we headed for the Qi Gong class this afternoon.  The big Spring tides are back with the Full Moon, and the road had been flooded once more at the  Storth junction just before we drove through. It brightened on our return, and eventually although the sun disappeared in cloud, there was a good colouring of the sky at sunset, the hidden sun lighting the tips of some of the clouds.

I usually stay clear of world and national news in this journal, though as the Corona Virus is now headline news with every bulletin, I shall mention it here for the record.  I'm beginning to think it's too late to stop its spread in Europe without the sort of draconian measures being used in China.  And would that be acceptable in democratic countries? That seems unlikely. So do we just brace ourselves for its spread through the entire population?  I don't honestly think that the lockdown in Italy is likely to do any more than slow down its spread. Presumably the hope is that with Spring on the way, the warmer weather will finish it off. Who knows?

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