Vicarage Road

When Miss E and I went to see Watford lose 3-0 to Burnley in November I’d decided we weren’t going to go again. Miss E sees nothing but losses, gets feeezing cold and was starting to lose interest. I don’t want it to be an endurance test for her.
But lately we’ve been doing well and actually winning so I thought I’d give them one more chance.
Big mistake!!!!
It was a lovely day as ever - getting the train down to Watford, walking into town, a quick mooch round the shops, a departure from our normal routine with a trip to Krispy Kreme (see extras) Chocolate sprinkles donut for Miss E and a cup of tea for me.
We thought a deviation from the norm might guarantee a Watford win.
2-0 up just before half time and things were looking good. Krispy Kreme every time we thought!! It was sunny, great atmosphere, everything was going swimmingly.
Then bloody sodding chuffing Everton scored two in two minutes before half time.
And then just to cap it all off they scored the winner in the ninety second minute.
Despite being down to ten men. The foul was right in front of us and when the player got sent off Miss E joined in with the Cheerio chant which she thought was hilarious!!!!
It’s a stupid bloody game and we’ll never go again.
Until the next time!!!!

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