Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Ranunculus asiaticus

I didn't expect to be doing this for a blip today!

I got up early and took back the hired carpet cleaner then we discovered we had visitors coming into the lodge this weekend. Things had to get sorted! We faced a possible crisis of not having toilet rolls for them and us with the sudden panic buying due to the C-virus. There were also some bathroom fittings I wanted to source.

So, up to Carlisle to my wholesaler. Joy! They still had a couple of big packs of the good quality toilet paper I give my visitors. I only bought 1 pack of 40, no need to go daft!

We had lunch in Dobies and I got a floral blip. Also my B-I-L has whet my appetite for a really black hellebore to add to my collection, but they didn't have that type.

Back home to the news that the Photography Show is to be postponed! I had been so sad to decide, yesterday, not to attend. I get another chance! Let's see when.

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