Black Swan and Cygnets

Scientific name: Cygnus atratus
Common name: Black Swan

Three cygnets and a two parents although the image only shows one. The cygnet on the top left would probably be the eldest with the bill with a tinge of red appearing, the cygnet bottom left is the lightest in colour possibly being the youngest or a different sex to the other two.

Classed as introduced and native to New Zealand, meaning they may have arrived naturally, a near pest species in some areas. They are found in New Zealand all year-round.

Described as a very large black bird with long neck, distinctive bright red bill with white lateral band near tip. Each feather is outlined in white and wing feathers are edged with a wide, white band that is only noticeable when the birds spread their wings, or are in flight.

They are widespread on lakes and ponds, also coastal on the North and South Islands.

After the warm hot summer day of yesterday, the temperature has dropped to a cooler 16C, overcast and dull. Mum and I were on the lookout for a Black Swan for the BlipBligYear challenge, it took a little while as there are not many birds around. We went from lake to lake and had a bit of a chat and stroll, we were lucky to find this little family - mission accomplished! :)

Try large.

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