The Snowball Fight

The chessmen tire of waiting
for a spring that never comes.
All sense the tension when both kings
begin to suck their thumbs.

"I wouldn't mind the winter,
if only it might snow,"
one king declares, "but, no, it rains
and dampens spirits so."

"Rain makes me quite rheumatic,"
a bishop soon agrees.
"It's hard for those of us who spend
a long time on their knees."

"Well, if we're trapped in winter,"
the clever queens suggest,
"let's go to where there's proper snow
and have a well-earned rest."

And that is where we see them now,
each king and queen and knight,
and every bishop, rook and pawn,
enjoying a snowball fight.

© Celia Warren 2020

My sole achievement today with thanks to my sister whose snowy-scenic Christmas prezzie tray inspired this latest adventure of The Chessmen. If you've not met them before, or would like to catch up on their adventures, search on the hashtag PP_chessmen.

Still feeling poorly, but better than a couple of days ago. It's all relative, innit. And I'm lucky it is only A Stinking Cold and nothing worse.

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