By ExtraTime

Soldiers and Sailors

My Tiny Tuesday effort. These are very insignificant little flowers, prolific too. And they change colour, from red to blue, as they mature (red = soldiers/redcoats, blue = sailors).

I'm half watching a documentary about Nelson and Trafalgar as I'm posting. And I got some more old family pictures from my cousin, ex-RN, of a Great-great-uncle who was a sea-going man and died in San Paulo, or possibly San Francisco .... So a nautical blip seems appropriate.

I've had a dull and frustrating day. Mostly trying to move my Photos Library onto an external hard disc to free up space. I've done this many times, but for some reason, this time it just isn't working ... and it grinds away for hours before it tells me, so annoying. I did manage a bit of garden hacking while waiting, so not a totally wasted day.

Also, I've decided not to go to Kingston tomorrow. I can't decide whether I'm just being a wimp, or being sensible. I'm thinking of how ill I was the last time I had flu, and how long it took me to get over it ... and those bug-ridden grandchildren I won't be able to resist hugging and kissing ...

So TM will go and I'll stay here. I think. There's still time to change my mind.

Thanks to Jensphotos for hosting Tiny Tuesday this month.

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