Lehigh Valley Zoo ....

.... beautiful Lorikeet. 

To take advantage of this gorgeous spring day we headed over to the Lehigh Valley Zoo.  We always pack a lunch to eat just before we enter the zoo! This gives us plenty of time to wander through the zoo looking at all the wonderful animals. 

Our First stop is usually the Mexican gray wolves enclosure.  There used to be three wolves here but Alpha (the oldest of the three brothers) recently had to be euthanized due to a health issue that popped up rather unexpectedly.  Only one of the wolves was in sight today ....I'm sure they are missing their brother.

Because the weather was so nice the giraffes were out in their enclosure today.  Since the beginning of winter they have been kept in their barn, which isn't open to the public except for certain times of the day ... and then only for about an hour each time.  I was really nice to see both giraffes out today enjoying the sunshine.

As we made our way around the zoo we could hear that the lorikeets were also out today.  This is another animal that's been kept indoors during these cold months.  Lorikeets are a member of the parrot family are can be found in Australia, New Guinea and several small Indonesian islands.  And they can be VERY loud!  But super fun the watch!

After leaving the zoo we stopped at Costco to pick up and few things ... but not toilet paper!!  Then it was home for the rest of the evening. 

We had a great day!

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