Common Grackle ....

.... wrongly named.

I find the grackles to be extraordinarily beautiful .... not common in the least.  And definitely not silly so no Silly Saturday entry for me this week. 

For the past several weeks we have been seeing these gorgeous birds visiting our yard.  There has been a flock of 30 to 40 birds .... and they aren't small birds either!  It's been wonderful watching and listening to them call to each other. 

Richard had a haircut appointment this morning and then we took some items to a charity shop.  We stopped at a couple of stores on the way home and had lunch when we returned.  After lunch I sat in the sunroom to get some pictures of these magnificent birds .... which almost didn't happen as they are very skittish with any movements they see. 

After R returned from taking some yard waste to the recycling center we went to Housenick Memorial Park for a nice long walk.  The sun was shining nicely but it was a bit windy.  It was jut nice to be out enjoying the sun, the wildlife and spending time with my Beloved. 

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