There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Can I Come Home With You?

I have been stalking the Penn State horse barns pretty much every day, in an attempt to meet and greet each new foal born there. It's easier than it sounds. I just cruise by the barns, and if anybody's out front, I stop to say hello.

On this day, foals 1 and 2 of the 2020 spring foaling season were out and about. You already met them last week on these pages. The photo above is of the little filly I call Luna, because of the crescent moon on her forehead. In the extras is a very nappish version of the little fella who is this year's colt #1.

Colt #1 could not be roused from his napping position on the ground. And there was plenty of noise to be had, as there were a half-dozen men banging and pounding on a construction project right behind him and his mom. But the little fella never got up. Oh, what a hard life it is, being a foal!

However, Miss Luna turned her pretty little face toward me as soon as I arrived, and she approached the fence. She seemed to be asking, "Can I come home with you?" I went around the other side to take some photos from different angles, and she nickered softly and walked toward me . . . pretty close, but not close enough to touch!

My soundtrack song is for the little gal above: Phil Collins, with Take Me Home.

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