There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Sweet Surrender

It was the Monday morning after the clock change, which is one of the toughest starts of the year. It all feels way too early, and what is all this DARKNESS? I arrived at work feeling like I do when I'm going to a conference: you're meeting people in the parking lot, it's oh-dark-thirty, and everybody is sort of bleary-eyed, but with purpose.

But then I walked into my office and a friend arrived with FOUR boxes of Girl Scout cookies! It was the happiest moment of my day, at least thus far! The Crittergators heard the commotion and they had to come out and investigate the boxes of sweet goodness.

I took this picture, but I wasn't really LOOKING at the scene or thinking about it. Then I uploaded it, and I can see now what was going on: the gals on the boxes are looking down at the Crittergators, saying: "But my GOODNESS! What are THOSE?" Well, girls, say hello to the Crittergators!

And now: happy snacking! :-)

The soundtrack song: John Denver, with Sweet Surrender.

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