By AH14

Old Harry As Seldom Seen

Only if you are familiar with this area will you understand how wonderful it was for me to see this scene and have the privilege of photographing it! They are the same rocks as can be seen in the distance in this blip from Sandbanks that I posted just over a week ago.

This stack of rocks and the others in extras and my two other journals are only accessible on foot at sea level a couple of times a year when there is an exceptionally low tide. Today was one of those days. The last time was in September when I scrambled out to greet the dawn, beginning in total darkness. Today was easier, although rocky and slippery - about a 40 minute walk/scramble out from the beach. Of course, my friends and I couldn't stay there for too long - we couldn't risk getting caught by the tide as there are only sheer cliffs and no way of escape - not even a ledge to clamber onto! It was the first time for the two friends I went with - they were thrilled! . For me, it was the fifth - still undertaken with a great deal of caution, tide checking, mobile phone charging, whistle carrying....... still thrilling! :)

Anyway, it was wonderful and I couldn't decide what to blip, so there are three extras. 

More photos in my b&w journal and 'My Third' journal

Thanks very much for everything for yesterday!

Ann :))

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