Jambo journal

By IainC

New Workout

I’m going to try and follow the recent advice to take more vigorous exercise. S has burnt a couple of DVDs for me to try out (indoor is far preferable to outdoor at this time of year!) so I gave the first workout a go this morning. There’s a lot of jumping involved though so, in deference to our downstairs neighbour and my knees, I went for the low impact option and followed the girl in the blue. Managed it OK, worked up a sweat, got out of breath and that was the whole point. Might give it another go tomorrow.
Glued to the footie news from Paisley this evening and it wasn’t good. The Jambos seemed to play rubbish yet again and went down without much of a fight. Inspiration, grit and skill sadly lacking and the much vaunted pressing game has vanished. Hard to see us getting out of the basement now.

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