It's finally working.

Long tail tale curtailed.
I discovered, at the time of battery fitting, that the PV panels were on strike.
A firm I contacted diagnosed a faulty Inverter, over the phone - clever or wot?
It's been a busy old week:-
Monday - a new SKY© box.
Tuesday - Bloke(s) was/were scheduled to investigate the drainage problem.  "Rain stopped play". See yesterday.
a.m. - The above mentioned blokes arrives and did a splendid job.
p.m. New PV Inverter arrived and was fitted; just late enough that it seemed not to work, but "he" said it did. Let's see what moirning brings.
Thurday - Morning brought the Sun; for a few nanoseconds.
Thursday - p.m. brought Jerra for our weekly "arguement"  ;¬)
The above is what ought to happen; more or less:-
When/if we ever see the Sun the panels function and run the house plus top up the battery; which was delivered with 10% already present.  There must be some controlling "Algy Rhythm" since on this flash of sunlight they did a triple job:-
1. Ran the house; which had, conveniently, switched off ALL heaters momentarilly.
2. Fed some to the Grid.
3. Trickled some across to the battery; later in the day it was up to "in XS" of 42%.
139W ---->Grid
  36W ----> House - SO - the remaining
905W ----> Battery.
I'll, evidently, have to do my homework.  I am not on any double rate I'm aware of and yet in the "black, dark night" it's trickling some into the battery; in this case 422W.

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