Behold the Problem.

Last week, my mate Mike popped in "for a bit of a crack".  We noticed water running down the drive.
Investigation proved it to be NOT what I expected; rather, it was a leek of "Grey-water".

"United utilities" arrived, used what amounted to an industrial sized sink plunger; the result of which - the half full inspection pit emptied rapidly.
Following it by their "Warthog" then chased a camera down for a look around.
They advised I got somebody in to cover the work they weren't cleared for.
Today they turned up, uncovered an inspection pit we knew of but was located beneath the Setts. ( A tale I needn't dwell on.)
This was what they discovered.
NOW - We have been in this house since 1987, never put anything down the toilet bigger than what you'd expect or sheets of "Bog-Roll".
HOW the &%££ that carrier bag and two cobbles got down there is beyond my imagination.
They did a Grade A job, removed the miscreant and reset a new cover, flush with the drive; so in the unlikely event of a recurrence there'll be no need to lift the Setts again, just the lid.  And of course reset the Setts cutting some to fit like a Jigsaw around it.

Extras - the Cobbles, and the offending bag.
BTW "we" have NEVER, to my knowledge, shopped at NEXT.

Anybody hazard a guess as to the age of the "NEXT" Bag?

For reference - The great discovery.

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