Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Passing by

I took a notion to go for a bit of a spin, just to get out of the house, really. Things looked settled around lunchtime after yesterday's heavy rain and strong winds, and all was well on the M1 until about half way when I was ambushed by a heavy shower of sleet. It had cleared by the time to got to Skerries, but when I opened the car door after parking it was almost torn out of my hand by the left-over wind.

Shops and restaurants along the harbour had signs up warning customers to be wind-aware when opening their doors, including Stoop Your Head, which I chose for a pit stop. The choppy sea was nice to look at, so I caught a shot through the window, just as a passerby passed by.

I stopped off at a local supermarket on the way home, needing some grocery essentials. Bread was on my list, but the panicking hordes had beaten me to it (see extra). What is it with people? Okay, so schools, universities and cultural institutions are closed from 6pm until the end of the month and the government is advising cancellation of indoor gatherings of more than 100 and outdoor ones of more than 500, but there's no need to stock up on bread — especially when I'm in need of it.

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