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Rnd 3 - Wk 16 - Cullen Skink

Souper - G

Soup - Cullen Skink

Verdict - Eye-Opening, Fishywishy-Wonder, Fishilicious, Stunningly-Scottish, Smooth-Operator, Fill-O'-Fish, Surprising.

**Extras - Barbari Bread and Almond Biscuits with Brandy Chocolate.

The Basics

2 onions finely chopped
1 leek washed and sliced
Peel and dice floury potatoes (make a judgement on what you think will make the soup nice and thick)
Two large smoked haddock (undyed)
Bay leaf
1 litre of full cream milk
knob of butter
Splash of olive oil

The Magic

Saute the onions and leek in the butter and oil until soft.
Add the potatoes and coat with the oil/butter mixture.
Meanwhile gently cook the haddock in water with the bay leaf.
After it's cooked (a few minutes), remove the fish but retain the water.
Add the water to the sauted vegetables and cook until the potatoes are soft.
Allow the fish to cool.
When the mixture is cooked through remove some of the potatoes and set aside.
Add milk and gently continue cooking.
Add the remaining potatoes and fish.
Heat and enjoy.

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