By Hotmandarins

Auckland Park Walk

Today we took the bus out to Mount Eden, one of the volcano cones that are visible in Auckland.

We had a look around there, complete with views back to the city centre, and then began the walk back to our hotel.

The Sky Tower dominates the skyline and can often be seen sticking up above trees or houses. (First Extra)

We stopped at a cafe near Auckland Domain and bought some lunch, which we then ate in the park.   After lunch we had a look around the Winter Gardens (second and third extra) and then walked through to the Auckland Museum in the same park.

The museum had lots of information about how people came to come to the country, along with details of a Tahitian who came on Captain Cook's ship Endeavour and helped to communicate with the Maori natives. 

We also had a good look at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition and also an exhibition dedicated to what would happen if a new volcano formed in the bay at Auckland.

We left the museum as they were closing and walked the remaining 30 mins back to our hotel, before heading out for dinner.

The main blip shows the front of the museum and the war memorial.

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