By Veronica


Today we got up early and did some social distancing by driving to Cabo de Gata in Almería. We've been meaning to go for ages; neighbours B and C went last week and gave us some tips.

So after a stop at the visitor centre, and a merienda of toast and coffee in  a bar, we drove to the lighthouse. We went for a very short walk (extra), but it was really hot by now and there was no shade. But lots of spring flowers.

On the way to lunch we stopped at the salt pans; they are completely uninteresting at this time of year, and in the middle of the day there are very few birds about; just a few egrets. But this shed could keep a blipper busy for days. Then we headed to Retamar where C had told us there was an excellent chiringuito. However there was no sign of it on the beach, and Mr google told us it was not in Retamar at all. So S navigated us to a spot about 6 km away, down a dirt track off the main road to the airport. 

As C said, it's a shed on the beach. You go in, pick your fish of choice from the chiller cabinet, and then sit down at a table while they cook it for you. For some reason most of the many customers were sitting in the stuffy indoors; we kept our distance and sat outside with a handful of other people.

The fish was very good, but in true Spanish style our starter of clams and the main course of bream were served virtually simultaneously, along with a massive helping of patatas a lo pobre and a big salad, so we ended up picking and choosing between eight plates; the waitress added another table to hold them all.

I'd go there again though; the situation is lovely. After lunch we walked down to the long sandy beach, which was liberally strewn with small boats in various states of unseaworthiness (this link features the chiringuito in the background). Right by the water's edge were three small fishing boats that are clearly regularly used. It was wonderfully picturesque.

We were tired by the time we'd driven home. Getting there at about six we found that Almuñecar has succumbed to a state of panic because a number of doctors in the health centre have tested positive for coronavirus. So we wrote off any idea of more bar-hopping -- too tired anyway -- and stayed quietly at home.

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