By Veronica

Just another day in paradise

It's a grim world out there. But we're doing our best to forget about it. A very satisfying yoga class with Amaia in the morning, my last for a good while. Then I met S at the Balcon de Cotobro, where we had a very good lunch before spending the rest of the afternoon on the beach. It was glorious, but I still failed to get into the water any further than thigh-deep.

After going home for a shower and change, we joined a lot of other people enjoying a sunset paseo along the sea front. One of the things I like best about Almuñecar is not just walking everywhere, but that from our house almost all destinations involve walking along the seafront. It was a subtle but beautiful sunset; as we walked the sea changed from palest mother-of-pearl pink, to red, to indigo. Most people were admiring it silently; none of the usual loud chatter.

We knocked off two more bars in the tapas crawl, and they were both very nice. In the second one we bumped into K (see Saturday's blip). She was wreathed in smiles, as she's found a solution to one of her problems, largely thanks to conversations at the IWD events. What a contrast!

And from there to the intercambio. Not many people there; have they been scared off by the coronavirus? There are no cases in Granada province ... yet. So we spent an hour or so chatting mostly in English before walking home for an earlyish night.

Edit: have now been told a couple of doctors in the health centre in Almuñecar have self-quarantined because they've tested positive :( 

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