I am camera

By Martinski

Digging holes; selling Red Noses

I'm not sure what the holes are for. There is a vast construction site building a new bypass road, and a third swing bridge canal crossing. This picture is just one segment of the site. It looks like a bomb site, but no doubt, some order will emerge.
    Outside our local shop, two pre-teenage girls had a sheet spread out on the concrete,  with all sorts of things for sale, including Comic Relief Red Noses. As soon as I approached the shop, I got the sales pitch. Then one of the girls said: 'I like your hat,' but not in a cheeky way. I realised that when I came out of the shop, I was going to have to buy something. I settled on a Red Nose. 'How much are they?' I said. '50p,' the girl answered. I told her to take my pound coin. 'You can have two for that,' she said. 'No, it's fine,' I assured her. I didn't do what I should have done - asked them why they had decided to do this, etc. When you are depressed as I currently am, you are allergic to conversation, you just want to move on. But I really admired her sense of fairness, the fact that they were doing this and that she liked my hat.

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