2nd Attempt

On Wednesday started on my masterpiece.

This morning cut it in half (fits the frame, with a the mount surround). Reworked one half. See today’s blip.

Not happy. Too heavy and dull. Tomorrow will start another completely different simple geometric in softer colours.

Day ran away again. On phone, Whatsapp watching the news, eating (mainly healthily), viewing the flurry of CV jokes. My favourite is (sorry, maybe it’s gone viral and you’ve seen it) :-

“”””UK supermarkets have introduced purchase limits:-
- Asda: 2 hand sanitisers, 24 toilet rolls max.
- Tesco: 1 hand sanitiser, 18 toilet rolls, 2kg rice
- Coop 12 rolls of toilet paper, 1kg of rice
- Aldi: 2 trumpets, 1 diving suit and an MIG welder””””

Mr B p*****d off, sports shutting down one by one. But he busies himself in the kitchen and digging out stuff on You Tube.

Have a good weekend all xxx

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