Social Distancing taken to extremes

Spot silly Mr B. No patience. Hates me stopping to take photos. No different from usual.

Seem to have spent most of the day messaging/speaking to relatives and friends, here and in Italy. Italy now on lockdown, so they have time to talk.

And receiving and forwarding the stream of C19 jokes that have gone viral. Depending on your sense of humour, some are very funny.

If we enter lockdown, I’ll get Mr B to entertain the neighbours. He can play a few tunes, on his harmonica, from the window

Still need to catch up with Corrie. Been saying that since Wednesday.

Managed a walk on the cliff-top. Zig-zagged back and forth across the road to keep our distance from passers-by. A smartly dressed 60’ish female passed coughing loudly with her mouth wide open. What is it with these people.

We caught some pleasant sun. Then returned home.

Hope Admirer, our SillySaturday host, agrees Mr B is silly.

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