By soozaday

Today's Forecast

Overcast and windy, brightened by a couple surfboards and some renegade lilies.

Our knitting group met at my house today, something I debated for a good long while before I decided it would be okay to have eight people with clean hands in a room for a couple hours. I woke up at 230 to have this debate with myself, which wasn't very productive as you might imagine. We didn't hug (or bump elbows. What's up with that? these are the same elbows we've been advised to sneeze into!), or sit close together, or sneeze or cough. We did enjoy each others company, have some good laughs, share our confusion, celebrate our friendship, and wonder where all this is going to end up. So many massive changes, so little real information. If this were a movie it would be dismissed as fantasy, but here we are at the end of every day trying to make sense of things that don't make any sense. 

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