Who Do You Think You Are?

said the look :)

A quick early coffee and scone in the cafe (where a little girl (only 3 or 4 asked her mum for the squirty stuff and cleansed her hands before eating or drinking; no other family did that in the cafe that I noticed) and an hour's walk at The Vyne National Trust before the dreaded supermarket shop :)

After a week of broken nights, I then dozed the afternoon away on the sofa and watched some catch up.

rather worryingly my neighbour said there was a parking problem when the agent came with the buyer and builder on Tuesday - because the agent couldn't get his car on the drive due to the way someone else parks at the bottom of the drive :(

(wondering if I should post for Silly Saturday as it really has been a silly Saturday - no pasta (I only wanted one packed), no loo rolls and no UHT milk at the supermarket this morning - complete madness by these panic buying  idiots (I can think of a much ruder word for them!!))...

And our church service is cancelled tomorrow morning, as our Minister is unwell and we have quite a few elderly and vulnerable people. These are strange times indeed.  Praying ...

Stay safe folks, try to enjoy what you can do and don't worry about what may never happen Xxx

Happy Saturday folks :)

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