One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Social distancing for beginners

#1 - run to the hills 
#2 - don't forget the chicken 

80% of the family decided to put social distancing in practice today. By a couple of miles. 
These are weird days that we are living. The past week in the Repair Factory has seen an acceleration of the planning for big numbers of acute to critical respiratory conditions. 
It feels a bit like standing on a beach and watching the sea retreat by a mile. Before the tsunami hits. 
So today I decided to head for the hills, with two quartered chickens wrapped in tinfoil and half a dozen spuds. 
It was good to have a bit of a team building exercise, away from the city, away from the media. Except for Mimi, who'd need to be surgically removed from her phone. 

The other 20% of the family was out on a date. With a girl from the Tempest. The timing is most unfortunate. Weeks and months of preparation and scheming and beginning to take interest in his clothes and a lot of preening and wearing glasses when he doesn't need to and finally he manages to organise a date. They were meant to go to the Abbey theatre tonight... They settled for a walk on the pier and a bite to eat in Kyoto. 

I gave him a pair of nitrile examination gloves, just in case they were going to hold hands. I wouldn't want his burgeoning reproductive instinct to bring us back some viral nastiness. I also hope that he remembered to gargle with hand sanitiser if there was to be a first kiss... 

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